Day 12 | Baby Girl

For Day 12, I wanted to share my favorites from one of my December newborn sessions.  Baby girl was wide awake for the majority of the session, so we got a number of great awake shots.  She was so calm and peaceful and made great eye contact.  But then she was just enjoying our time together so much that she didn’t fall into a deep sleep, so we had to come back together the next day, which has only happened a handful of times in the last few years!  And then she slept beautifully.  It’s amazing how different newborns are one day to the next.  I’ve photographed 3-week-old babies that slept the entire time and I’ve photographed 4-day-old babies that were either awake or didn’t want to be put down.  Each personality and disposition so different from the beginning, and different day to day as they adjust to their new world.

Newborn Photographer Orlando FloridaNewborn Photographer Orlando FloridaNewborn Photographer Orlando Florida

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