Underwater {Smitten}

I’ve always been drawn to the water (after all, I am an aquarian!) and my 5-year-old has an insatiable appetite for swimming and being in the water.  I love being underwater – the silence, the stillness, the weightlessness.  After taking the bar exam and before I started working, I traveled to Tulum, Mexico with a dear friend.  The water there is amazingly clear and turquoise and inviting and the sand is a light tan color – it’s like one big watercolor painting.  I’m not one for sunbathing (because I am super fair and burn easily!) but I lathered on the sunscreen and swam out away from the shore and floated on my back in the rolling water, face to the sun – for what felt like hours.  It was bliss.

Underwater photography is something I’ve wanted to try for a while now.  I finally took the plunge (pun intended, of course, lol) and purchased housing for my camera.  Coen and I took it out for a test run and we had the best time – laughing and smiling and “count to 3 and jump!”  I only caught a glimpse of an image right after I took it on the back of the camera (the housing is slightly cumbersome and it’s a little hard to work the gears on the camera so I didn’t want to mess with looking through the images while in the water) but for that split second and through my leaking goggles, I had little butterflies of excitement!  Oh my goodness I couldn’t wait to get out and look at the images we captured!!  And they didn’t disappoint.  These are some of my most favorite images I’ve ever taken.  The dramatic effect of the darkness vs the light hitting Coen’s legs.  The bubbles suspended in “air.”  The dreaminess of the stillness but also the chaotic flurry of bubbles stopped for a split second in time.

The last two images fill my heart with so much happiness.  The one on the left may be the happiest I’ve ever captured Coen in an image – he is in his element for sure!  And the one of the right is Coen going for a ride with his Papa, who is his best buddy.  They have such a special relationship that I don’t photograph enough.  I know they will both love having this image to look back on as the years pass.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. xoxo

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  • DanaAugust 17, 2014 - 1:47 pm

    Wow, just wow! I’m a hobbyist photographer in Orlando, and I enjoy browsing what other photographers in the area are doing. I’ve never really considered underwater photography, but these images might just change my mind. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel