My Wish for Your Life | 20 Weeks, To Be Thankful {maternity self-portrait series}

This topic is timely for two reasons. One, it’s Thanksgiving week. Two, your brother has had a hard time recently with “never getting any new toys.” Of course, being grateful is a hard concept for a 3.5 year old to grasp, but he doesn’t need to have a new toy every time he goes to the store. So he and I sat down for a little chat and it went a little something like this: There will ALWAYS be someone with more than you and there will ALWAYS be someone with less than you. If you have a roof over your head, have food on the table, have clothes to wear, and the love of your family, you have more than you will ever need. Learn to decipher between needs and wants. There will be plenty of “things” that you’ll want and you might get upset or jealous or bitter that you can’t have them for whatever reason. But remember that your desire will wain and the thing you so desperately needed, would have eventually sat in the corner gathering dust until one day it will be donated or thrown out. It’s just physical stuff that does not have a bearing on the ultimate course of your life, on what you accomplish, or the legacy you leave behind when your short time on earth has come to a close. You can’t take it with you and it doesn’t define who you are. Whatever you have at any given moment, be grateful, for it is enough. This goes beyond physical possessions as well. Focus on relationships, friendships, and experiences over things. Your life will be fuller, brighter, and more well-rounded because of it.

This week I am thankful for:

You, growing so healthy in my belly and finding out you’re a GIRL!!
Your brother, always making me smile and laugh and feel so much love. My favorite is when I’m laying next to him while he falls asleep and he places his hand so sweetly on my face. My heart melts.
Your dad, he is already smitten with you too. 🙂
The courage it took for me to venture on this journey of being self-employed and following my dreams. Every day I am thankful I took the leap. I have never been happier.
For our house, our family always there for us, the food on the table, health, laughter, and love.

PHOTO NOTE: My belly looks HUGE! EEK! I definitely popped in the last week. Halfway there 🙂