Day 10 | The L. Family

Well, here we are with Day 10 posted on Day 11.  Actually it’s Day 12 because it’s after midnight on Day 11.  Day 10 posted on Day 12.  No biggie, right?  It’s just that it’s the weekend and the kids and errands and tired, and yada yada.  And I literally ran out of time.  My tendency is to be hard on myself for not reaching a goal to the T, for not excelling, for not being the best I can be.  I should be able to blog once a day, right?  Can’t be that hard.  Sheesh.  But really, blogging can be exhausting for someone like me.  An introvert who loves deep conversations but who needs to feel safe in said conversation before sharing.  Putting myself out there, my thoughts, my work, it’s kind of terrifying.  When I first started my photography business years ago, I was TERRIFIED of putting myself out there.  I was so sensitive, what if no one liked my work or what I had to say?  Now, I am still sensitive, but I am grounded and comfortable in my own skin.  So I forgive myself.  I forgive myself for not being perfect and not excelling and not blogging Day 10 on Day 10.  I am only human.

Now that that’s cleared up, on to the matter at hand.  The beautiful L. Family.  I just love and adore this session.  First, there’s baby blue eyes.  I mean, could his eyes be any bluer or more captivating?  And then there’s the gorgeous Mom with her long, flowing hair and warm smile and the handsome Dad with so much kindness in his eyes.  I was happy to photograph them again and see the little one a year after his newborn session.  I love seeing how they grow and change.  How they look so much like they did when they were newborns and you think “oh yeah, this makes sense, looks just like when he was born” but somehow at the newborn stage you can’t imagine what they’ll look like in a year.  And he was oh so sweet and smiley, and this family clearly loves each other, like really loves each other.  So much togetherness, closeness and cuddling.

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