Q.  Why custom portrait photography?

A.  Because your family matters and your life story matters.  And it deserves to be told in a personal way.  That is what custom photography is.  Imagine your family sitting on a quilt and laughing during a tickle fight, or embracing during a group hug.  Your daughter squealing with glee as she is thrown into the air or your son grinning as he’s being covered in mommy kisses.  These emotion-filled moments are genuine and define your family.  These are the moments you want to remember and capture.  On your schedule, on your pace, in a beautiful setting of your choosing.  Much better than some generic white backdrop with fake smiles at the mall, right?

Family is what matters most in life.  So celebrate that and make an investment in art that will adorn your walls for years to come and then be passed on to the next generation, preserving your family’s legacy.


Q.  Where are you located?

A.  My studio is located near the Princeton-Ivanhoe area just north of downtown Orlando, Florida.  An address will be provided upon booking.  I photograph newborns and some 6 month sessions at the studio.  All other sessions are outside, on location in natural settings.  There are a number of locations around the Central Florida area that I love to use.  Your home might also be the perfect place to capture your family just as they are.  We will discuss options for the look that you want during the planning process.


Q.  What is included in the newborn session fee?

A.  The newborn session fee covers my time and talent in planning and photographing your session for up to 5 people, a phone or email consultation to discuss the details of the session, the use of all props in my studio, custom-editing of the best images from the session, and an on-line gallery of the proofs from your session.  The session fee does not include any prints or digital files, as all products are sold separately for the newborn session.


Q.  When should I book and take maternity images?

A.  Maternity images are best taken between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy so it’s best to book while you’re in your second trimester.  Of course, the earlier the better to make sure you get a spot on my calendar!


Q.  When should I book and take newborn images?

A.  Again, newborn images are best taken within two weeks of the baby being born so you should get on my calendar while you’re pregnant!  Sometimes I have last minute openings but you should not wait until your baby is born as I often book in advance and will not be available for your session.

Q.  Do you sell digital files?  

A.  I do sell digital files.  I understand why you want them.  After all, when my family had professional photos taken, I wanted to buy the digital files.  I wanted to have a copy, keep them in our fireproof safe in case anything happens, and I wanted to be able to use them in slideshows and make prints (because I have access to professional print labs) from them for years to come.  However, after I purchased the digital files, the thumb drive sat on my desk.  For months!!  I still haven’t ordered my canvas display yet.  I wish I had let my photographer do that work for me as my now empty wall would be covered in beautiful images of my family.

With that said, if you’re going to take the time and energy and make an investment in professional custom portrait photography, why not follow through to the very end and receive gorgeous, perfect, professional prints and other products to proudly display in your home?  Why stop halfway and take the beautiful images of your family and have prints made at consumer-grade labs where they mess with and alter skin-color, saturation, and white balance?  So while I understand your desire to have the digital files, I would hope that you also obtain gorgeous, professional art for your home.  I promise that every time you walk past the display in your house, you will smile and know it was a fantastic purchase.  🙂