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Nine years ago when I first picked up my new camera, I was clueless about the journey before me.  I started taking photography classes as a creative outlet to a stressful and unfulfilling legal career.  Through my journey with photography, I found my true self.  I learned that my patience was a virtue, that my compassion and empathy a gift, and my creative vision an asset.

After having my first child, I knew that family was the most important thing in life.  More important than career goals, more important than what car I drove or what house I lived in.  At the end of the day, when you push aside the clutter, nothing else matters.

My greatest joy is capturing your sweet little one in a natural and beautiful way, leaving you speechless and overjoyed with the resulting heirloom art in your hands and decorating your home.

Once your little one arrives, you know how fast the time will go; you know how quickly he or she will grow and change.  You want to stop time and soak up every detail, engrain them in your memory forever, never to forget.

As a mother myself to an 8 year old energetic boy and a 4 year-old girl, I get it, I know what it’s like.  I’ve been there and am still there.  I am overwhelmed with the beauty of life, and especially new life.  I am moved by the deep connection of mother and baby and the exciting journey of a couple into parenthood.  I am here to capture your family and forever stop time.

While you focus on bonding with the new life that grew inside of you, I will focus on creating incomparably authentic and intimate portraits of your new baby and growing family.  Together, we will fill your heart and home with daily reminders of the beauty of life, and the beauty of your family’s life.

You can snuggle with your baby, revel in that sweet baby smell, gently caress soft baby fuzz, and count tiny fingers and toes, all while I do the heavy lifting.  I take care of everything.  All you do is show up, sit back, relax, be pampered, and focus on what matters most, your family.