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View children’s photography taken by Orlando, FL child photographer Rebecca Jill.

Day 9 | Friendship

Feeling pretty sappy tonight and it’s late and I’m tired so instead of posting a client session, I’m going to talk a bit about friendship.  Tonight I had dinner with a friend that I’ve known for, well, since I was 19.  And that makes it a long time, because, well, I’m about to be 37. […]

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Day 8 | Birthday Spin

Every once in a while, I photograph a birthday party . . . or two . . . each year for a wonderful family.  And I love it.  And these parties are THE best kids’ birthday parties I have ever seen and the kids have an amazing time.  This 5th birthday party was at a […]

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Underwater {Smitten}

I’ve always been drawn to the water (after all, I am an aquarian!) and my 5-year-old has an insatiable appetite for swimming and being in the water.  I love being underwater – the silence, the stillness, the weightlessness.  After taking the bar exam and before I started working, I traveled to Tulum, Mexico with a […]

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