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View children’s photography taken by Orlando, FL child photographer Rebecca Jill.

The A. Family – Just as They Are.

As a family photographer, it’s always such an honor to have a family ask you to photograph them.  To know they will have those portraits for years to come, gracing holiday cards, as portraits on walls in their home to enjoy every day, sharing with friends and family, and one day making it into an […]

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Day 11 | Balloons

In December, I carved out a little time for a fun balloon play date with the kids and some friends.  Here are a few of my favorites . . .

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Day 10 | The L. Family

Well, here we are with Day 10 posted on Day 11.  Actually it’s Day 12 because it’s after midnight on Day 11.  Day 10 posted on Day 12.  No biggie, right?  It’s just that it’s the weekend and the kids and errands and tired, and yada yada.  And I literally ran out of time.  My […]

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